- There is a Police report to the Long Beach Police Dept. #16-1655 taken by Officer Ace


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Title: Magazine box of 100 key comics taken from Long Beach CC

In: Silver-Age-Comics

Stolen on: 02/21/2016

Reward: $1 USD

Police report file number: 16-11655

Police contact number: 562 570-7250

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Comic Description

There is a Police report to the Long Beach Police Dept. #16-1655 taken by Officer Aceves badge #5995. I am Dealer FVF Comics showing at booth #909 at the LBCC show. I had one short box of comics stolen between the hours of 5:00PM and 7:15PM, This box is worth between $15,000 to $20,000. I believe it was taken from my booth at tear-down, but there is a very slight chance it was removed from my Rolling cart at the very top of the load out ramp. Here is the description of the box and contents, Thanks for any attention you can give it. It's a Magazine size box with a label FVF 2 and below that are black letters DS (similar box pictured) . There are about 80 Mylar sleeved books starting with Black Panther #1 and ending with Green Lantern #86. Here are some of the noticeable items: Black Panther #1X2, Brave and the Bold 60 (2nd New Teen Titans),79,80, Captain America 100 High Grade, 101,102,106,109 High Grade, 111, 112, 117 X2 High grades, 118, Captain Marvel 1940's #25 ( has coupon cut out of BC),32, 148(black cover), Captain Marvel 1960's all high grades 18,25,26,27, Captain 3D high grade, Conan The Barbarian #1, #24 High Grade, DC Comics Presents #26X2, #28, Detective 156, 333, 411X2 High Grade, 474, 476, Daredevil 41,77, 158X2, Doom Patrol 99 High Grade, 100 High Grade, Flash 113, 127,147, Fantastic Four 6,7,9,10,11,13,14,27,41,42,45X3 ( one mid grade, one high Grade and ONE written on Cover in Black large letters "Cynthia") #46X2 one high grade, ONE written on Cover in large black letters "Lydia", #51, #52 vg+ SMALL TEAR AT RIGHT SMALL SPLIT UPPER SEAM,#53,66,67,72,76,100 Special #5, Firestorm #1 high grade, The Flame Comics #3 Ajax/Ferrell, Ghost Rider 1960's #1, 1970's #1, GI Joe #1, Green Lantern #85x2, 86X4, I will pay a cash reward, Thanks very much

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